Russian production of fire starters, charcoal, matches and picnic supplies

Group of Companies "IMAGE"
since 1997

Company information:

The Image Group of Companies is a modern Russian manufacturer of lighting products, charcoal, matches and picnic supplies.

  • Many years of experience

    The factory was founded in the Novgorod region in 1997. Our central office is located in St. Petersburg, where you can get detailed information about products and explore samples.

  • Full-cycle production

    Image has its own production of a full-cycle: from the development of packaging design and woodworking to the assembly of finished products.
    You will save time and money on ordering products by contacting us.

  • A quality product

    We apply strict control at all stages of production. The production is certified according to the FSC system (FSC C116740).
    The workshops are equipped with specialized equipment for the production of matches of various formats (short and long), lines for the production of wooden rolls and briquettes and other fire starters.

  • Openness to cooperation

    We work with companies of all business forms: from individual entrepreneurs to federal, European and American retail chains.
    We produce products in private labels from small print runs. For more information, see the section "Private label".

  • The desire to improve

    If you need household matches according to GOST, then we advise you to contact other well-known Russian match companies founded in the Soviet period and specializing in producing only that type of matches.
    But if you are interested in fire starters that meet the requirements of the modern consumer, we will produce such for you.

  • Willingness to work with you!

    If you are looking for a reliable partner and a direct manufacturer of fire starters who knows the rules of the game in the modern market, you have come to the right place.

Who do we work with?

  • Wholesale companies

    Wholesale companies

    Product categories:
    - Picnic supplies
    - Products for grill and barbeque
    - Items for garden
    - Sauna products

  • Retailers


    - Federal and local retail chains
    - Shops
    - Online stores

  • Restaurants and<br>
catering companies

    Restaurants and
    catering companies

    Specializing in cooking over
    an open fire

  • Cottage villages and<br>
hotel complexes

    Cottage villages and
    hotel complexes

    Equipped with fireplaces,
    baths, and grill areas

Geography of supplies