Private labels

Do you need a product that works for the recognition and promotion of your company's brand? We are ready to produce it for you!

The manufacturer "Image-Borovichi" produces fire starters and picnic supplies in the private labels of wholesale companies and retail chains.

Take a look on the shelf in the store (in the "garden" and / or "season" department) on fire starters products. For example, hunting matches, picnic matches, dry fuel, briquettes or rolls for fire starter. Don't look at the brand, read the manufacturer's name. In two cases out of three, it will be us - Image!

We are chosen and trusted!

Printing house

Do you need confidence that the packaging will be printed in accordance with your design, colour requirements and the brand of cardboard? Please contact us.

We do not spend your money on packaging products by another organization. The IMAGE Group of companies owns its own full-cycle printing house for the production of cardboard packaging.
We print ourselves and we also will offer you to make a trial batch of 1000 pieces of products.
Our designer will help with the preparation of layouts.

It is important for us to offer favorable conditions that will suit you and will become an occasion for long-term cooperation.


Do you need a quality product without extra charges?
We will offer it to you.

Our factory is based in the Novgorod region on the basis of a woodworking enterprise. Regular deliveries of wood, chemical raw materials and packaging materials, mostly of Russian production, allows you to optimize logistics costs and not depend directly on the exchange rate.

You don't pay double price for the product. We produce wooden wool and other semi-finished products ourselves.



Order placement

You send us an order, we provide a packaging template and issue an invoice. After receiving the designs, we sign the layouts.

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Manufacture of packaging and product

Our printing house makes packaging, and semi-finished products are produced at the factory

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Product assembly

Products are assembled and packed at the factory.

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Shipment of finished products

You pick up your order from our warehouses in the Novgorod region or St. Petersburg. Also shipping to the regions by transport companies is possible.